About Us

Located in the town of Arrochar, in the borough of Staten Island, our student population of 500 children is ethnically diverse, consisting of families from Albania, Russia, the Middle East, Asia and Mexico. Our school motto, "Public School 39: Bridging Leadership with Success" motivates academic achievement for our students, instills in them a sense of school pride, and motivates them to become high achievers and contributing citizens to their community. On a daily basis, we model and reinforce the importance of kindness and how it plays a vital role in the world. Our staff consists of 2 administrators, 35+ certified teachers, 10+ paraprofessionals, and an extensive support staff. Our School-Based Assessment Team consists of a two psychologists and social workers, along with related-service providers in Speech, PT, and OT, who provide related services to our students. We continue to refine our practices and implement the Next Generation Learning Standards in Literacy and Math, using a variety of 21st century curriculum and tools, such as intoReading and enVisions Math. In addition to academics, all students at PS 39 receive a full program of Arts from across all disciplines, taught by both specially licensed teachers, and community-based partner organizations.

PS 39 Vision

“Public School 39: Bridging Leadership with Success” is a motivation for students, staff and families to work together towards academic achievement. We do this by instilling a sense of school pride and a desire to become lifelong learners, as well as contributors to their community. Kindness and acceptance are reinforced in our diverse community on a daily basis. We strive for leadership in order to build equity, excellence, and empathy.

PS 39 Mission

Public School 39’s mission is to embrace the needs of each child. We are a diverse group of learners whose members include children, families, school staff and the community. Cooperatively we strive to build a strong foundation for all. Our journey begins by creating a safe and caring environment promoting mutual respect. Our journey continues through rigorous instruction and blended learning that incorporates different learning styles. Through the workshop and inquiry models, students become partners with their teachers and take ownership of their learning.

PS 39 Instructional Focus 2021-22

IF administrators lead teachers in creating standards aligned Success Criteria, using assessment tools to monitor student progress, and providing explicit feedback with next steps, all while engaging students cognitively through a blended learning experience, THEN administrators, teachers and students, will be jointly accountable for student learning, resulting in each student’s proficiency of at least 65% across grade level standards.

PS 39 Theory of Action 2021-22

If school leaders rate effectiveness responsive to the students taught, then teachers will hone their design of instruction, specific to students’ learning behaviors, so that students problem solve, decode and analyze text with increasing independence.