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Barbara Amari Staff Photo

     I have a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education from Brooklyn College, a Master's Degree in Elementary Education from The College of Staten Island and thirty credits above my Master's.  I have received training in using the FOSS and Delta Science Modules in grades K-5. Currently, I am involved in a grant from Noah, a worldwide science organization, and the GLOBE foundation. This is the 2nd year of training in which we learn to take science outdoors with the children. They have given us free materials to use with the students. Check out our photos from our field trip with a member from GLOBE, which are in my photo album. I am also an active participant in CEI-PEA, the citywide organization for science development.

     In addition, I have received training in Mind Lab, a critical thinking program, and the NYC Department of Health's Move-to-Improve program, and Journeys Effective Vocabulary. I also attended training at Yale University for the program Anchors of Emotional Intelligence, which we are bringing to P.S. 39.



     I have been a full-time classroom teacher at PS 39 since September, 2003.  I taught fourth grade until I became the school's science teacher in September, 2010. I am the lead teacher in the school's READ PROGRAM to benefit the 1st grade students. I am also a member of The Lighthouse Committee to sponsor leadership through The Leader In Me Program. The Saturday Academy and After School Test Prep are other teaching  programs in which I have been involved at PS 39. 




      My teaching assignment consists of an inquiry-based science program mandated by the NYC Department of Education.  The program is aligned with the Common Core Standards and covers the specific curriculum for each grade level.  Currently, I am the science teacher for grades 3-5 and I assist the K-2 classes.  

     My goal is to foster an appreciation for the life and physical sciences as well as to develop a mastery of the content and skills required for each standard.  To accomplish my goal I will incorporate the scientific method, teacher-directed activities, interactive laboratory work and student collaboration.

    I invite you to visit PS 39's well-equipped science lab, Room 117.  I am looking forward to meeting with you and working with your children.  With your support and cooperation this will be an exciting year for all of us.