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Parent Coordinator February Newsletter
Posted On:
Monday, February 01, 2016


From the Desk of the Parent Coordinator

Rosemarie DeFilippi

February is upon us and hopefully the groundhog will have good news for us! We made it through our first major snowstorm and hopefully the last of the season.

 This past week you should have received a “notify me” request for email. This will allow us to not only utilize the school messenger to make the phone call but also allow us to email the information to you as well. Please take a moment to log onto and update your information in the “notify me” section. We are always open to new ideas to make communication accessible to everyone.

 This month we will be celebrating kindness week and respect for all. We will be hosting a movie night on February 11, 2016 with the showing of the film Inside Out. Flyers were sent home so please send in your payment as soon as possible as seats are limited.

Our Center for Arts Education representative will be meeting with me after mid-winter recess and it looks like our program will be able to begin at the end of March. More information will follow so please always check the “latest news” on the school website.

 Towards the end of February we will have a English/Spanish workshp presented by the Department of Health titled “Healthy Homes”. This workshop is very informative and helpful for all our families. A flyer will be sent home once the time has been confirmed.

 Thank you to all our art volunteers who have been assisting Ms. Margaret Feldman with the art classes. This is a fun way to learn all about art as well as watch how creative all our students are. Please remember to let me know if you cannot make it so I can contact one of our “substitutes” for assistance.

 A special thank to our familes who have been extra careful with all the snow. Please try and let our school buses through and remember to not allow your child to run across the street. Please remember to pull all the way up when waiting in line and also to make sure NOT to make any illegal u-turns in the middle of the school block. NYPD will be back once the snow is cleared to ensure safety. We don’t want any parents getting tickets, so please be sure to follow the traffic laws. Our goal as always is to make sure everyone gets into the building quickly and safely.

 Do not forget to take a few extra minutes to review our school website and check your child’s book bag for important information and notices. Also if you have a new address or cell phone number please update us as soon as possible so that we can update the school messenger and you will continue to receive the important reminders.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all our families!


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