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Summer HW for Students Entering Grade 3
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Monday, July 08, 2019

Summer Homework for Students entering 3rd Grade


You are being assigned the below homework to reinforce skills you have learned and to prepare you for your new grade. Be safe and have fun completing these assignments as a family. Please log onto our school website, for additional information and useful resources.


1. Math: Be mindful that math is everywhere you go! Use your math skills to tell time, keep track of the money you spend & receive, and count all the exciting memories you make!

Here are some of the math skills to do daily over the summer:

* Practice addition and subtraction with and without regrouping.

* Practice multiplication facts (create flash cards starting from 0-10 and spend time on this. It will be extremely beneficial as multiplication and division are two major chapters in 3rd grade) Ex: 2 x 2 on the front of the index card & the answer “4” on the back.

* Introduce the value of money (dollars/cents) & the concept of telling time.

* Play games with your child. Board games, cards games and dominoes require numerical skills to win and friendly competition reinforces family time and needed skills!

*Have your child help you cook and bake, as recipes are full of mathematical opportunities.


2. Reading- Please read with your child each night and visit the library often. The library is offering many reading programs this summer that your child can join and receive prizes for their accomplishments. Please visit Raz-Kids as a useful online resource. Have your child keep a log of their reading minutes and respond to what they have read. Some things to focus on are retelling important events, identifying character traits/ feelings, and making connections with characters and your child’s own life.

Recommended Books for 3rd Grade: Authors/Books to look for…

Judy Blume                             Junie B. Jones                                                            

A-Z Mysteries                         Judy Moody   

Marvin Redpost                      Amber Brown

Beverley Cleary                      Third Grade Detectives


3. Writing- Please have your child keep a journal about events that they have experienced over the summer, things they have done, books they have read, or just about how they feel. This teaches them to find their voice in their writing and help them foster a love of writing.


Online Resources to use over the summer: Raz-Kids,,,,,,


** Students are expected to bring the journal to school by Thursday, September 5,2019 and be prepared to discuss their journal entries. **


Have a great summer!!! See you on September 5, 2019

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