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A Farewell Letter from Mr. Thomas: To All Staff, Students, and Families of P.S. 39.
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Wednesday, December 20, 2017
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To All Staff, Students, and Families of P.S. 39…


It has arrived at that time of year, when we have the opportunity to reflect on our lives, and what we must do in order to see ourselves through the muck and mire of the world around us and champion that world. We take the time to appreciate our friends and families, spread cheer to those we do not know, and give love freely to the people we serve and live in community with. For this time of year, I am always thankful.


I am thankful to all students and staff of this great school. I cannot ever fully express in words the depths of my love and appreciation for every person I have encountered during my time here at P.S. 39, nor express fully how you all have impacted my life not simply as an aspiring educator but as a full and well-rounded human being. To be departing from this community – this FAMILY – fills me with incredible sadness. So many relationships have been formed and my respect for every one of these relationships is utmost. It is hard for me to leave my family so suddenly.


To the staff of P.S. 39, I could not be more thankful or more proud to have worked beside you all. You have taught me what it means to be an educator, showing through your walk and talk and vision for the students you serve what it means to really be in this field of work. You all dedicate your lives to the most noble profession there is, and relentlessly push and challenge the students we serve to simply not succeed as students, but to excel in every possible way as humans. You have made me laugh, supported and pushed me through every trial, and encouraged me to every triumph. I love each and every one of you, my brothers and sisters in arms in work and life.


To the students of P.S. 39, you all hold my heart in your hands. To have served you has been an honor, and for you all to have trusted me to be your music teacher and to get in front of you every day and teach has been a source of comfort and true joy. You all have shared with me your worries and concerns and fears and hopes and dreams, and to see how amazing all of you are and the incredible people you all will become gives me nothing but hope for the future of our world. Thank you for memories that will last a lifetime, for encouraging my love of Oreos and introducing me to Takis, for listening to me when I taught, and always being true to yourselves – no matter what.


To the families of P.S. 39, thank you for allowing me the honor and privilege of serving your children. Without you, my job would not be possible, and without the great love that you give to your children, they would not be able to show such love to anyone else. Thank you for inspiring your children to be their very best selves, and in turn for pushing me to be the best teacher I can be – the very best teacher they deserve.


Although I will no longer be physically with you at P.S. 39, I will ALWAYS be a part of this community – this family. If anyone ever needs me, to help in any ways possible, I am only a phone call or text or email away. Although the future is uncertain, it is undoubtedly bright, and I wish you all well in every possible endeavor. Ever onwards, ever upwards.

With All Love & Admiration,


Mr. Elijah J. Thomas

Music Teacher


Phone: (215) 429-7180

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