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Respect for All Week on NYCDOE Website
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Friday, February 10, 2012
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As part of the Respect For All Week activities, PS 39 on Staten Island decided to grow a peace garden in the cafeteria. Each class contributed to the garden by writing a letter or a positive message to someone else and then bringing that message to the garden to share in front of each other. The art teacher created flowers and grass, while the fifth grade class contributed posters that acted as the frame. Parents will also be able to see the finished product on Friday when they come to chaperone a school dance. The peace garden was a community effort, emphasizing that peace begins with each and every one of us.

Dear Ms Wright and the PS 39 School Community,


     It was a great privilege visiting the PS 39 community this past Monday. Your school community is so rich and has so much to celebrate. I urge all of you to make celebrations an essential ingredient in building and sustaining this energetic community. We are so busy ensuring that our students receive the best educational experience possible, commuting our clear expectations and reinforcing all our best practices.  At the same time, we need to make sure we are also making time to focus on noticing, affirming, and celebrating the signs of progress and all the small steps along the way.  Celebrations bring communities together around successes and build rituals that reinforce positive and productive relations. It's a time where all voices are valued and the members of your community are appreciated.


     I have always believed that parental input and feedback regarding what happens in school produces a stronger commitment to the school's mission.  You are a principal who understands the value parents bring to the school community and the importance of keeping an open dialogue with them. It is clear that your parents are true partners in setting the school agenda and in supporting the school's vision.


     There is no doubt in my mind that your students will continue to flourish and that a relationship of trust, dedication and love will flourish for years to come. When I think about the work you all do I think about what Michel de Montaigne once stated,


“The worth and value of a person is in his heart and his will, for there lies his real honor.  Valor is the strength, not of legs and arms, but of the heart and soul.  Courage is not simply the mastery of fear through physical strength; it is the quality that springs from a certain type of spirit, honor and integrity”.


                I applaud each one of you on your personal courage, your ongoing generosity and your clear vision in servicing our children & our communities.  May your courage continue so you may face the many challenges with fortitude and determination.  Always remember, when you move forward even through the path of most resistance, you gain the courage necessary to win. 


      Thank you for sharing your school community with me. What a JOY! What a CELEBRATION!


As Always,

Diane Costagliola

Director of Youth Development Policy and Interventions

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