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For Kindergarten Parents!
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Monday, July 28, 2014
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Dear Kindergarten Parents;

We know you are asking yourself "What can I do in the days ahead to help my child to be ready for kindergarten?" well, here are some suggestions:

• Change your child's sleep pattern.  They will need to be up early each day.  Breakfast doors open at 7:35am, so your child needs time to wake properly and be ready for a full breakfast.  Start bedtime an hour before you actually want your child asleep.  Read to them and play soft music to relax them to sleep.

• Role play what school is like.  You pretend to be the teacher and tell them what their role is as the student. This will get your child to ask you questions about their day and take away any underlying fears about school that your child may have.

• Discuss with your child their day, such as, today is a half day or Monday is your first full day of school you will eat lunch their...etc...keeping your child informed makes them able to express to you how they feel about the events they are about to go through. 

• The school provides a nutritious and delicious lunch daily for each child.  It is well balanced and each student has up to 3 choices to choose from including a salad bar.  Check the Board of Education Web site for the actual choices for each day.  Please only send in a complete lunch for your child if you do not want them to have the school lunch.


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