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  About The School  

Public School 39, The Francis J. Murphy Jr. School

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Located in the town of Arrochar, in the borough of Staten Island, our student population of 530 children is ethnically diverse, consisting of students with a recent growth in émigrés from Albania, Russia, the Middle East, Asia and Mexico.

Our staff consists of 2 administrators, 36 state certified teachers, 5 school aides, 2 secretaries, and 2 full-time ESL teachers. Our part-time Student Assessment Team, consists of a school psychologist, school social worker and guidance counselor who are here 3 days a week. We also have 2 full time speech teachers, an Occupational Therapist and a part-time Physical Therapy Teacher who provide related services to mandated children. We continue to implement the Common Core Learning Standards in literacy and math in grades K to 5, and are in the beginning stages of transitioning to the New York State Next Generation Learning Standards.

Our aim to promote academic excellence and daily attendance are accomplished by the following initiatives:

  • Parents as Reading Partners
  • Leader of the Month - academics, behavior and citizenship
  • Principal's Honor Roll - academics
  • Attendance - citizenship - School Uniform
  • School Spirit Days - promotes school pride and community service
  • Science Fair
  • Blue and Gold Games
  • School Celebration Day
  • Book of the Month Initiative
  • Monthly Class Attendance Awards
  • March Madness - academics and fun
  • Math Bee
  • Spelling Bee
  • 100th  Day of School Celebration

Our school is immersed in the use of technology to improve instruction. Each classroom, the science lab and the library have been equipped with a Promethean Board. In addition, every teacher will receive training in their use and the Smart Board is used as part of their everyday teaching. . 

This is the 7th year of our partnership with the YMCA, "Y After-School Program", which provides quality after school care in an applied learning setting, free of charge. This year "Y" Afterschool Programs will be servicing 130 students from grades K to 5.  

At Public School 39, we are strong proponents of the home school partnership. It is our belief that parents must take an active role in their child's education by providing additional educational support at home and actively participate in school events. We will continue to communicate with parents through this website, workshops, newsletters, encourage parent involvement in classroom activities and be a resource for all, including our ESL parent group. In concert with the parent coordinator, the school and family will work together to enhance the daily educational program that will support children's academic and social growth.

Our school motto, "Public School 39: Bridging Leadership with Success" motivates academic achievement for the students, instills in them a sense of school pride and motivates them to become lifelong achievers and contributors to their community. On a daily basis, we reinforce with all the children the need to be kind to one another.